Love Fest 2014

Love Fest 2014
Friday, February 14, 2014 at the BankUnited Center musical artists Pleasure P, K Michelle, Meek Mill and Wale gave the crowd a Valentine’s Day performance they will never forget.

Pleasure P was the first artist on the line up to hit the stage, he performed classic “middle school hits” such as “I did you wrong” and “under.” He even surprised the crowd with old hits from Pretty Ricky “Your body” “Grind on me” and “Hotline.”
K Michelle hit the stage next with a couple songs from her recent album Rebellious Soul; the crowd expressed their love for Michelle with loud claps and cheers. K Michelle than left the audience with words of wisdom on relationships uttering “Don’t chase these niggas, replace these niggas.”
Meek Mill however did not have a great performance. Throughout his performance the sound system was not in his favor, after every song he would yell out to the sound man “yo! I can’t hear myself or the music how am I supposed to rock the crowd? These people paid good money to see Meek Mill I can’t give them crap!” Mill was stressed about his performance and you can tell he keep yelling at this band and the sound man yet, us in the audience did not understand what he was expressing we could hear both him and his music just fine.
Wale stole the show being the last performer. Although most of the crowd left after Meek Mill, Wale closed the show with a bang! Getting the crowd hyped with dance songs “clappers” and “no hands’’ Wale eventually could be seen running through the crowd and sharing joints with fans. This however was not end Wale surprised the crowd with old hits from his first mixtape More about Nothing; the crowd was filled of shocked and emotional faces when he performed “Breakup song.”

wale 001

wale 012

wale 006

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