16 Steps to Happiness

Have you ever felt broken? It seems like you are trying your hardest to put the pieces back together but you cannot figure out which piece goes where or if it is time to start another puzzle? It feels as if your are in such a dark place that not even the light behind you eyes can see you through? We all have been there and back. Some are harder to climb out of. While others are there for a second and gone the next. I am not going to give you 16 steps to happiness because some steps are harder then others and some situations might not require steps but hurdles. The main goal is to keep pushing and stay positive. Never bottle things in, one day that cap will explode. It is good to cry and let out anger never see it as a weak move. Before today I  was in a deep hole, I found myself up at night thinking and crying trying to figure out my game plan to overcome my issues inside. Although the only plan I needed to follow was time. Time and with a little bit of patience is the cure to most the  laborious hardships. Be patience with yourself, be kind and loving. This situation is only a story to remind you in your near future about how strong you are and what has come to pass

Never forget most of our problems are not as hard as we make them but easier to solve if we use the light behind our eye as a guide.

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